Composite Fillings


Composite Fillings

Mercury based materials have not been used in our Gold Coast Practice for many years.

Mercury alloy has been replaced with Composite Resin materials, which have outstanding clinical results and are the safe and long-term material of choice at Northshore Dental Care. Bonded composite resin technology is suitable for the repair of minor and major breakdown of tooth structure.

We use only the highest quality composites to ensure long lasting restorations that mimic the wear and feel of natural teeth.

The design and placement of a composite resin restoration is particularly technique sensitive and require a little longer to complete.


What is Dental Dam and Why is It Used?

Dental Dam is a non-latex barrier that isolates the tooth or teeth requiring treatment from the rest of the mouth. It is a quick and comfortable procedure and means that there is no water or instruments or debris in the patients mouth or throat during the removal or placement of fillings.

Control of moisture is mandatory for successful, long lasting results and this can only be successfully attained with the use of dental dam. Breath is moisture laden and will adversely affect the successful bonding of the composite to the remaining tooth structure.

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