Wisdom tooth removal


Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom Teeth generally erupt in late teens to early twenties, however Wisdom Teeth can cause problems at any age after this.

Unfortunately there is often not enough space for wisdom teeth erupt successfully, and about 80% of wisdom teeth will require removal at some point in time.


Efficient & Gentle Wisdom Tooth Removal

Northshore Dental Care’s aim is to save your teeth and maintain full dental function, however if this is not possible you can be confident that extractions are painless and safe procedures. Our Paradise Point dental surgery has ‘happy gas’ available if you are anxious about the procedure. We will also provide you with post op care to ensure good healing.

Why are Wisdom Teeth removed?

There are many reasons for having your wisdom teeth removed, including:

  • Wisdom tooth becomes impacted against the adjacent tooth and cannot completely erupt through the gum
  • Partially erupted wisdom tooth collects food and bacteria leading to recurring infection
  • Infections can result in cyst formation and jaw bone damage
  • Difficulty cleaning the area often leads to decay and gum disease of the tooth next to wisdom tooth
  • The roots of matured wisdom tooth may involve the nerve to the lower face and it is often recommended to remove wisdom teeth before nerve involvement

Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Tooth

  • Swelling, redness and or pain around the area
  • Swollen lymph nodes under lower jaw or neck
  • Stiffness or difficulty opening mouth
  • Bad breath from gum disease and bacteria

Wisdom tooth removal is a routine surgical procedure done at Northshore Dental Care. We offer you gentle care, happy gas and post operative care to ensure good healing. It is likely that you will require 2-3 days before returning to normal daily activities. 


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