Dental Check-Up And Clean


Dental Check-Up and Clean

At Northshore Dental Care we believe preventative dentistry is the best service we can provide for you to assist in maintaining your oral and general health. 

Dr Strachan and our Oral Health Therapist, Brad will professionally clean the areas of your mouth that you cannot access and give you the tips, techniques, and cleaning supplies to assist you in your daily oral hygiene routine.

Your daily routine

Your daily routine should include brushing morning and night, daily flossing to clean between teeth and clean gums. We recommend an Electric Toothbrush (Oral B) or soft hand brush, single tuffed brush (solo brush) for gum line, interdental brushes (pikster brushes) for between your teeth, and Dental Tape rather than dental floss.

All of these products are available from Northshore Dental Care.

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